Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dino Mad

That's what it is in our house. Both kids love dinosaurs...louis to the point of being obsessed.
When I first saw the new Basic Grey range Archaic it didn't give me those 'buy me, buy me' vibes, so I just ordered a 6x6 pad and some rubbons. I've actually really enjoyed playing with them. We have the 12x12 LO in the lounge as Louis likes to look at it : ) I've now bought fibres and have on order some 12x12 pages and the chipboard stickers on order in this range. I've decided to make a mini book all about Louis's love for dinos.
The card was made this morning as Louis is off to a friend's dinosaur party on Sunday. xx
See papers, fibres and buttons in the range here.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Aunty's

I received a reminder call this morning that it was 'the Aunty's' birthday on Sunday. Ade has eldily twin Aunts. They are going to be 88 and do everything together. They dress the same, eat the same name it, it's the same. They do like to have separate cards though. So I've been thinking all day about what to make. Had a nose on the fabby 'Just Bex' forum this afternoon and Kathy had posted that there was a mid week 'Daring cards challenge'...perfect : )
So here is waht I came up with thanks to the great template.

Monday, 28 April 2008

More Cupcake Goodies

I've been playing with my Basic Grey Cupcake stash again. It amazes me how much you can do with the 6x6 papers.
I made this card first. Started off as a gift tag and I turned it into a card. The centre is a Catslife stamp see here ( and finished it off with the cupcake fibres. et voila !!!
The 12x12 LO was inspired by the photo that I took only on Saturday. We had a really good Saturday afternoon visiting our friends Paula,Amy and Liam. We hadn't seen them for a while, so it was really good to get together again. We all had a great afternoon.
When I looked at the photos when I got home, the photos of Hollie and Amy were so sweet and just matched the plain papers from the Cupcake range perfectly : ) I also tried out the doodling, that seams to be so 'in' at the mo xx

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Madame 3ssauds

This 12x12 LO was made using some of the 6x6 Basic Grey Cupcake papers sent to me by
We went to London to celebrate Louis's 6th Birthday. We started at Madame Tussauds, then went onto the Rainforest Cafe for lunch and then we went to Hamleys so Louis could spend his birthday pennies (he bought lots of lego). It was such a lovely day. At the end of it, I asked Louis what had been his favorite part of the day....he replied ' Madame 3ssauds' : ) xx

Saturday, 26 April 2008

First work for Sassy Crafts

I received a lovely little parcel from Emma at Sassy Crafts this week.
I received some 6x6 Basic Grey Cupcake papers, matching cupcake fibres & some silky primas.....mmmmm how scrummy. Naturally I couldn't wait to start playing (you know me !!) so I created this mini 'mini book'. The colours go so well together, it's so bright 'n' funky.
The stamps are from 7gypsies. xx

Most Distressing

Actually not feeling too distressed right now, earlier this morning was another story altogether arguing, answering back and found Hollie had written 'Haunted' on my bedroom wall in neon yellow and all before 8am too. Since then however all is calm once more. Strangely enough I did sit and play sylvanians with them both for abit before they went out, it was so calming and I actually really enjoyed it. We each had our own family, Louis was in charge of the big house, Hollie had Willow cottage and I had the gypsy caravan (mmmm are they trying to tell me something??). Would recommend this to anyone else expieriencing a stressful time.
Anyway, my reason for blogging this morning....I've already done my DCM challenge good am I???? The challenge this week is 'How Distressing'. Here is the challenge:

You can make a card for any season, any holiday, any occaision but you need to use either a fingernail, curled edges, sandpaper, tearing, anything you like really as long as looks like it's had a fair bit or wear and tear.

An my card is above : ) I used a small piece from the Basic Grey 'Sugared' of my faves at the mo, giant ric rac, a silky blume and a dovecraft copper brad which I filed down to give another distressed look. xx

Friday, 25 April 2008

Sending Some Love

This was the Fiday Night Challenge that I set tonight on the bestest crafty forum 'Just Bex'. I wanted to send my Mum a special card this week to make her feel loved and special, so I made this and thought it would be a lovely challenge to set. I think it's so nice to send or receive a card to someone for no particular reason....just because.

The papers and chipboard words are from the scrummy 'Loveland' range from Scenic route....just gorgeous !! xx

Hot and Spicy

I've finally got around to adding this card. I made it mid week, but it's been a manic couple of days. It's a daring cardmakers challenge ( from last week. The theme was 'Hot and Spicy'. I instantly thought of these 'Cherry Arte' papers I've had for a while now.....they give me a Morrocan feel, which is where the 'Hot & Spicy' comes into it.
Funny thing was, I made this with my friend Heather in mind as it's her birthday today and it wasn't until yesterday that I clicked. Her surname is Spice !!!! : )

I've also been working on some other stuff for Sassycrafts. Can't show quite yet, but am particulary pleased with one piece. xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Three Peas

I finished this LO at the weekend and forgot to add it here. It's a piccie I've been wanted to scrap for a little while little sister and brother and me : ) We don't all get together that often, although I'm really pleased to say that Sarah-Jane and I have become really close this last 18months or so. It often amazes me that we come from the same parents but we are all so different. Sarah-Jane's the loud, crazy one, always makes everyone laugh....everyone loves her and she's so much fun. Gareth....bit scary really, tatoos, piercings 'n' all that, but despite the appearence and terrible attitude at times, he's very soft really and there's me. I would class me as the 'normal' one I guess. Quiet compared to them, more sensitive, lead a happy and steady life and abit boring I guess : )
Still glad I'm me though......and wouldn't swap either of them too. xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Me @ 18months

Whilst going through my Nan's box of old photos I came across this one of me @18months old.
I showed it to Louis expecting him to say something like ''Oh Mummy you were so cute'', but instead he just looked. So I asked ''Louis, don't you think Mummy was cute?'' and he replied
''mmm little bit ugly, little bit cute.....but you are cute now Mummy !!!!''.........thanks Louis xx
(I did journal this on the back )
On my journal card tucked behind the piccie, I wrote a little story. I called Mum up last night and asked her for a story of when I was about this age. She told me that one time she managed to lock herself out. The door closed behind her shutting me inside. She was frantically knocking on the door, shouting for me to open it. I grabbed my potty and sat up in the window instead : )

Monday, 21 April 2008

Jordan's 8th birthday

It was Jordan, my little niece's 8th birthday on Saturday, so we went over for a mini party. The kids all get on so well. It's always so easy and enjoyable for all 8 of us...wish we lived closer (not too close mind).
I have such a laugh when I'm with Sarah-Jane, she's completely nuts and I love being so childish and stupid when we get together. Here we are scoffing Jordan's cake. xx

All Things Bright & Beautiful

So who's the bright one and who's beautiful??? : )
Love this photo of Ade & I, makes me feel all lovey dovey...

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Am I odd?????

My second 'Scrapagogo' kit arrived yesterday : ) I love these kits !!!
Now, it seams to be a common thing amongst scrappers and card makers to have a thing about needing to stroke and just enjoy new stash before delving in....but I don't share this feeling. As soon as I get new scrummy stash, I just can't wait to use it and get stuck in asap.
Is this strange?
This months kit is 'LUSH'. Really is. Must admit when looking through, I saw this acetate 12x12 with the black squares and didn't get that instant 'I know what I'm going to do with that' feeling and yet it ended up being the first item I used. Not so great to photograph though.
I scrapped a photo taken last week when we met my Uncle and cousins down at Portsmouth at the historic dockyard. Was a fab day out !! xx

Friday, 18 April 2008

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

It was our first wedding anniversary last month.
I decided to make Ade this canvas seeing as it was the 'paper' year. Iused papers, ribbons and bits from a 'Love Elsie' range. I adore her stuff !!
Still haven't decided where to put it yet, seams to be happy just sat on the fire place at the moment.

My Exciting News

I'm so so excited !!! This is me : )
I found out last night that I've got on to a Design Team. YAAAAY !!!
Take a look at the website : Emma's site is beautiful and fairly new too. This makes it even more exciting, to be part of a new venture. I'm looking forward to some new crafty challenges.

First Timer

oooohhhh, so here I am ...finally blogging !!
Been meaning to start all this blooging stuff for ages now, but just don't seam to get around to it.
And it all just seams a little technical for my liking.

Lisa xx