My Studio

I love my little studio.
I spend most of my day in here.
I happily set the alarm around 5am most mornings to get started.
With a latte on my desk and the radio on.
It's my happy place.

It started off as the garage and we converted it when I started up my own business in 2013. It's now office come art studio.
It is off the kitchen which is really handy as I'm never far from anyone and can easily pop in and out.

 As you walk through the door I have a cozy sofa and store my albums here too.

And then this is where I work.
I need more space, it's so full.
I spend most of my day sat at my desk in front of the window, but I always create at the other desk.

This is where I film my YouTube videos by the window. I wedge my tripod over the windowsill with hold it down with all our cute hotties. It does the trick! 

This is also where I stand to create and scrapbook.
I can't create and sit down. I prefer to stand.

So here it is....where I spend the majority of my hours : )


Java Harmony said...
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Java Harmony said...

Your studio looks very nice. Its very different of mine. I worked with embroidery and sewing machine that I put In Front of The Bathroom all day. It occurred to name IFoTB Studio!

Caroline Lovett said...

looks a bit like mine, but I never leave any desk space clear and end up working on the dining table, drives me mad !