Monday, 30 April 2012

Her First Sneakers

Her 1st sneakers.
Seems such a long time ago.
Around 2yrs old and now she's coming up 13.
She was so adorable.
(click to enlarge)

I did this LO as part of Denise's 'Garden City' challenge during the Cocoa Daisy crop this weekend. I've used this upcoming months 'Grafitti Bridge' kit along with the large leaf stamp from the April kit. Icovered the stamp in hot pink and pressed it on to a pale aqua card. I love how when it lifts the paint hasn't completely covered the card allowing the card to shwo through the paint. This is my fave LO from this weekend and it's now on my studio wall.

....and yes, my walls really were that colour back then ! : )

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finger Foods

That was the name of the challenge I set on Cocoa Daisy yesterday.

We are having a Picnic themed Spring Crop this weekend, (although looking at that weather outside, picnics are the very last thing on one's minds)

I do like to get messy.
I love the sociable type of meals. It's a regular thing I do in our home. Throw a load of stuff in the middle of the table and everyone tucks in. Whether it be Mexican, Indian, Tex Mex..... I love to cook and it's a great way for me to try out new recipes and cooks lots of lovely things and it's a great way for the kids to eat and try new things.
I'm also a messy scrappy and love to get paint on my fingers (they are currently a lovely greeny/blue). 

So hence the name of this challenge.
Here is my piece. (click to see all the bits and pieces)

A bit of hidden journaling under the photo.
I've misted a paper napkin to attach my photo to. I've used my fingers to paint and distressed by hand.

These are probably my favourite colours to work with.
And the story:
This was aour first day away at Easter. It's become a tradition that we always make a sand boat. As the kids have got bigger, so have the sand boats.

After I had finished the LO I liked it, but felt maybe the space at the bottom needed something. I didn't want to add something though and then regret it. I asked Louis what he thought and he came up with the journaling strips. So thank you to Louis. I agree, it did need something else after all. 

You can see the challenge in full on Cocoa Daisy here.
Come and take a look at the other challenges too. They are pretty awesome!
We have another full day of them today.

Yesterdays class went super well. Thank you for the messages girls : )
Such a fun group and I never want to leave, I always want to stay and crop with them but always seem to have something planned for the afternoon.
Maybe next time.

Scrapping and work for me today.
Lots and lots to do.
Enjoy your Sunday xxx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Inky Fingers

Good Morning!

Well, the Cocoa Daisy online crop got off to a great start last night.
Take a look here at our schedule for the weekend. We are on EST time, so add 5hrs for the UK.

I'm just heading out to teach a lovely group of ladies in Fleet near me.
We are doing this LO this morning.
(click to enlarge)

Making our own backgrounds with paints, masks, mists, stamps and inks.
Messy but fun.

Better get sorted.
Will be back later with more Cocoa Daisy fun.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Pre Crop Challenge.. get you warmed up.

Yes, it's almost time for the Cocoa Daisy Spring Crop. We are so excited.
As a team we have put so much in to this and we can't wait to share.

I thought it would be fun to set a Pre Crop Challenge to get everyone warmed up a little and in that crop mood.
Seeing as the crops are always such a giggle, I thought it would be fun to scrap a story that makes us laugh.
Here's mine: Hollie Logic

''Our Hollie has her own logical way of thinking. It's something that we love about her and makes us all laugh on regular occasions.

Like this time when I collected her from school and she had been swimming. She came out without her swimming bag full of her wet things. I asked her where it was but she had decided to keep it at school on her peg so it was there ready for next weeks lesson. That way she didn't have to worry about forgetting it : ) ''

We'd love to see your fun story LO's. Please play along and share your work with us here.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Layering, Monkfish and Teasers

A bit of a mish mash this post today.
Where to start?

Firstly, thank you for the sweet messages.
I'm enjoying the teaching so much. I get nervous, but I don't think that's a bad thing.
No Sue, I'm not strict. But if I had trouble makers like you, Steph and Nicky then I probably would be.
: )
I did worry during my class last weekend when one person suddenly said '' I'm really not enjoying this''.
Really not what you want to hear. The fact that it was actually my brother, that kind of makes a difference.
He then went on to love what he made and carried on scrapping in that style when he got home. I think he went a little for out of his comfort zone for a while.  

I 've finished this LO. This is going to be my next class in Swindon. (click to enlarge)

I will be showing ways of making the most out of your patterened papers.
Tips to help them stretch a little further, how to layer, ways to make them pop fom your lay outs.
Just because the paper is flat, doesn't mean your layout has to be.

We will make embellishments and page accents.
As well as making our own masks to mist.

The class is on Sunday 20th May  - 10.30am at Sparkle Dreams in Swindon.
Visit their blog here to book your space.
We will also be making a wall hanging during this class.

I promised some sneaks for the Cocoa Daisy crop this weekend.
Here are a couple.

Grafitti Bridge really sums up this months kit well. It's so bright and fun. A total contrast from last months kit.
If you haven't registered for the crop yet, you can do so here.

Last nights dinner was so yummy.
It was super fast too.
Monkfish parcels with cous cous and a sweet tomato, red pepper and chili sauce.
I popped each piece of monkfish along with some large shrimp onto foil and made a little parcel for each one. Adding some rose wine and fresh basil before it went into the oven for 15-20mins.
I added the cous cous to a pan and drizzled some toasted sesame oil over and added fresh thyme to vamp up the flavour. I had already roasted of a chopped red peper earlier in the day along with some garlic and red chili. I added this to a tin of tomatoes and whizzed it down to a sauce, adding a teaspoon of sugar, fresh basil and seasoning when heating it through.
That was it.
Just finished it with rocket and peas.
It was so so yummy.
I'm trying a new recipe today. It's been in the crockpot since 9am and smeels lovely.
I got the recipe from this months Delicious magazine. I can't find it online though.  
It's a great site and worth a visit.
The recipe is braised mediterranean beef casserole.
I'm just serving it with cabbage and roasted carrots and french bread.
Can't wait til dinner time once again : )

Enough rambling from me today.
I was going to dash to the post office as the rain had stopped, but it's started up again. Booo.

Thanks for stopping by today xxx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Teaching at Sparkle Dreams

Hello Hello!!!

I meant to stop and blog these photos yesterday, but I just ran out of time. 
We had so much fun again during the classes at Sparkle Dreams in Swindon on Saturday.

We did a mixed media canvas class in the morning and a very painty arty LO class in the afternoon.
I still have blue and green finger nails : )
I love teaching here.
I'm booked in to do a wall hanging and a LO class on Sunday 20th May and we are making Travel Journals on Sunday 24th June which I'm really looking forward to.
 If you are local to Sparkle Dreams, Solance has been really busy adding lots more to the store.
She has a super range of Alphas, Chipboard Albums, Stamps and loads more goodies.

I have a delivery waiting to be unpacked now.
It's a really busy week again.
We have the Cocoa Daisy Crop coming up this Fri-Sun still so much to prepare for that, I'm teaching in Fleet Saturday morning and I have huge work deadlines looming again.
But I have planned a delish menu for the week : )
I do like to be super organised where are meals are concerned.
We are having monkfish parcels tonight. I'm going to bake the fish in individual foil parcels with wine, herbs and chili and some veg. I'm making a herby cous cous and a roasted red pepper and tomato chili sauce to go with it. Yum!!
Looking forward to dinner already.

Have a lovely day.
Will be back with Cocoa Daisy sneaks tomorrow xxx


Friday, 20 April 2012

An Exciting New Sketch Blog

I'm really pleased to announce (incase you haven't seen already) that the UK magazine SCRAP365 have launched their own sketch blog this week. How cool is that??
It's great news too, I think many of us really miss Sketchy Thursdays and Pencil lines each week.

I love being part of this magazine and love being part of this new sketch blog too.
Here's my first LO for this first sketch.

I've used mostly MME FunDay.
I think MME are my faves right now.
This was Hollie being a kid on the beach.
She found a little creature, named him, played with him until he escaped.

I hope you like the new sketch blog. Please do take a look; Sketchbook365
We are sponsored by the very lovely Papermaze.

I'm off to Sparkle Dreams in Swindon tomorrow.
I'm teaching a mixed media canvas class in the morning and a LO class in the afternoon.
You can get all the details here and here if you are local.

Well I hope you have a lovely weekend : )
Lots of love xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Monthly Art Journal...and a new class

I am loving my art journals.
I am finding that they now really fulfill a purpose in my crafty life.
I miss crafting when I have a busy day. It shouldn't but scrapbooking tends to be at the bottom of my 'to-do' list and is often the one thing that gets missed off when I run out of time.

This is where the art journaling fits right in. Sometimes I do get 15mins before the school run, not enough to scrapbook but perfect to grab the art journal and have a play. You don't need hours, but just grabbing a few minutes here and there will work. And when you leave it to go back to your family or your chores it can be drying ready for when you have the next few spare minutes to start again.

The other thing I like about art journaling is that you don't need to have loads of materials out. A bit of paint, mists and some scraps is all you need.

I started a new journal this month and I've set myself a new monthly and 'do-able' goal.
Here's the cover.

Each month when my Cocoa Daisy kit arrives, I plan to make a double page in my journal using the kit and journal about excatly what's happening in my life right now on that day, Maybe how I'm feeling or what family plans we've had.
Then after a year I will have little snippets of my life all in the one journal.
And a very colourful journal it will be : )
Here's my first page.

If you are local to me I am holding an art journaling day on Saturday 16th June in Fleet.
It is aimed at all levels and we will be starting from the beginning of making and preparing our own journal. We will then go on to create the cover and start on your pages.
You will be shown different techniques and tips throughout the class.

All you need to bring is some adhesive, scissors and a black journal pen.
Everything else will be provided on the day.

The class runs from 11.30am -3.30pm.
Tea, coffee and cake will be provided.
Free Parking

The 4hr class costs £20.
A £10 deposit is required please.

If you would like to book or have any questions, please drop me an email:

Thank you.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's all in the planning

Good Morning,

How are you today?
It's horrid in the south of England here today. The rain and winds. The type of weather where if you take a umbrella it just blows you away. Not good.

Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday. It's always nice to hear that other Mums feel the same at times too. Makes you feel human : ) So thank you for that x

I'm in need of some scrappy time today. Not only for deadlines, but just beacause I need to scrap. I miss it when it's been a couple of days.
I had my nails done on Monday though and they managed to split the skin on both of my index fingers under my nails and they are so so sore. Hurts to do anything : (

I do have another Cocoa Daisy page to share today.
Another one that I made whilst on holiday.
We are planning our next Florida trip. Florida is where the 4 of our hearts lay. We just love it there. We love the little resort we go to and would never want to stay any place else. We love it for the peaceful resort just as much as anything else.
We do have the offer of staying in Ade's collegue's house for free as it isn't used, in St Petes, but we adore Bahama Bay. The holiday wouldn't be the same if we stayed anywhere else, plus it's where Ade and I got married, so it feels dead romantic going back : ) Wobbly knees romantic. Nothing quite like falling in alove all again when we go back.
I made this LO about our trips. Family trip number 3.
I actually enjoy the planning of a trip just as much as the trip itself.
I love the research, finding new places to visit. Each trip has a very different feel which I like. We all love exploring and trying new things.

I made this with the Cocoa Daisy 'Just for Fun' challenge in mind.
It's a challenge that I'm hosting each month for the Cocoa Daisy Kit subbers.
We are using our new kits combined with the leftovers of the old. I'm really enjoying this.
All the numbers are from last months kit.
I love scrapping with numbers. The Elles Studio are a particular fave of mine.
If you get the Cocoa Daisy kit, come and play with us.

I hope you have a happy scrappy day xxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Joys of Parenthood

One from the heart today....

I'm usually a very bubbly and upbeat person.
But recently I let them get the better of me.

I had a week of Hollie and her raging pmt. Evil is the one word I would use to describe her at this time.
And then the week we went away Louis drove me bananas. Just completely hyper whilst we were away. Constantly on the go and non stop silliness, chatter, having to be asked to do something several times before having to raise our voices for him to actually do what he was asked to do. It was hard going.
This was when I sat down and created this LO.
They say it's good for the soul to get it down on paper, don't they?!

The 'Sprout' Cocoa Daisy kit was great for this LO. The blues and greens, I love the etsy badges that come in the main kit. It's nice to have something a bit different. The butterflies in the kit went really well too. Especially when you have that feeling like you just need to get away : )
Yes, this LO was definitely a form of therapy.

Thankfully all is good again.
We had a good start to the new school term yesterday.
Happy kids. Louis vacuumed before school, Hollie helped make a pie with me for dinner after school. We all sat down after dinner and watched something on TV that we had recorded.

I think sometimes the downs are good for you though.
They make you appreciate the good times even more so.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Growing Up

I hope you had a good weekend.

My new Cocoa Daisy kit arrived last week. It's so lovely and so much fun.
Whilst we were away I played with this months kit and used Jen's sketch to make this.
(click to enlarge)

I spray misted a circle and added to my page.
I doodled around some circles and added some twine from the main kit.
I love the 'grow' stamp. I can see myself using this lots.

I took the photos of Hollie and Louis as they were about to go down to the local shops on their own. Hollie has been out and about alone for a little while now, but this is all new to Louis. It's nice that he has her to go with him though. But it makes me feel nervous all the same.
Another sign of them growing up.

Here are some sneaks on the May Kit Grafitti Bridge by Cocoa Daisy.

I hope you get some crafty time in this week xxx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

International Reveal Time

Are you free tonight?
It's International Reveal time at Cocoa Daisy at 3pm EST.
(8pm uk - 9pm Europe)

Come and see what we've been up to with our April Kits.
Here are my sneaks for now.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Upcoming Scrapbooking / Art Classes

Hello : )
On this lovely sunny morning!!

I hope you are having a good week. Almost the weekend now.
I just wanted to share my next Swindon classes that are coming up.
The classes are both held next Saturday 21st April at Sparkle Dreams.

The morning class is a large Mixed Media Canvas class.

And this fun layout class.

If you have any questions contact me on :

or you can book direct with Sparkle Dreams here.
01793 855472

I'm really looking forward to teaching these classes.
We always have so much fun and such a giggle in this store : )

Enjoy your day xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lots of Layers


Another Papermaze blog post from me today.
Remember those Bella papers I was playing with the other day?
Well, here is another LO I made using the same papers.

sent me some lovely bits and pieces through. I wanted to use them all : )
So I decided to have lots of layers so I could.
The paper was a little busy I felt to go straight next to my photos, so I added some gesso first.
The I cut the papers up and layered away.
I still felt something wasn't quite right at the end though and bought in some black which really helped. I mounted the whole page onto black and then continued this with a black scalloped edge and the black circles.
Suddenly the whole LO pulled together.

I love all the journal cards that match these papers, makes journaling very easy.
My football crazy boy!!

My latest Cocoa Daisy kit arrived today.
Can you believe it only took 7 days from the US and that was over the Easter weekend, not bad!!
I have cleared my evening, printed off pics and will scrap tonight.
This kit is soooooo cool.
We are preparing for the Spring Crop, so lots to do : )

Enjoy the rest of your day xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Art of Altering

Hello : )

I've really got into altering this past year or so.
Which reminds me, I never did share the table I altered for Ade's birthday last summer.
I quite often pick up bits and pieces when I'm out and about. Things that I want to revamp.
I have a whole basket full in my studio.

One item I picked up last year was this mini set of drawers.

It stands just 7inches/17cm tall and I knew I could do something with it one day.
So when the next challenge came up at LESSology called 'chest of drawers' I knew the time had come to tart up this little baby!!
Et voila!

Hollie and I covered it in old book pages pages, mod podge followed by gesso.
I inked the egdes in a reddy pink and brushed the ink over slightly in places to soften and give it a soft girlie touch.

I then finished it off with this Studio Calico wooden heart.

It's now sitting on my desk looking very pretty.

Come and join us at LESSology.
See what my teamies came up with here.
You can play along and add your own project here. You have until 6th May.
We are sponsored this month by :
Who have kindly donate some stamps for the lucky winner.

I hope you feel inspired : )
Happy altering.


It's Spring Crop Time!!!!!

(click to view the fantastic line up)

I love the Cocoa Daisy Crops. They are so much fun!!
Come and join us over the weekend of April 27-29th.
If you haven't registered with Cocoa Daisy already, you can do so here.

I promise you it will be fun and very inspirational....and it's all free : )

Monday, 9 April 2012

Roman for the Day

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to all my English friends today!!!!

I'm popping in to share this LO with you today that I made last month for Papermaze.
I got sent some lovely Bella Paperboy Paperz. They were so much fun to cut up and create with.
I made this.

Louis had a Roman day at school. Thankfully I still had the dress from when it was Hollie's turn a couple of year previous. So I just added the helmet, chest shield and sword to 'man it up' a little.

I love these papers and they are so perfect for little boys.
I did a mini tutorial which you can read on Papermaze here.

I hope you have something nice planned today.
It's raining here, but we are taking the kids swimming this morning.

We watched a really good movie last night. 'Stranger than Fiction'.
I really really recommend it. It's with Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman.
Not your typical Will Ferrell movie.
I've woken up today still thinking about it. Really loved it.

Enjoy your day xxx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Drawing Inspiration


I'm back after a week away at our yearly Easter Break spot.
Charmouth on the Dorest Jurassic Coast in the UK.
We go there every year and love it.
We just got back 3hours ago. Unloaded the car and the washing machine won't start.
: (

But the week away was good. Despite Louis driving me bonkers.
The weather wasn't the best, but we had hot sun the first couple of days and yesterday too. Mum joined us yesterday and we had the best beach walk ever. The tide was right out and we walked for a good couple of hours. The low tide revealed massis of rock that was just covered in fossils. Totally amazing. I can't wait to share the photos here.

Right now though I need to go and break another argument up I can hear going on in the background (rolls eyes!)
So I shall leave you with this gallery lift I have done for Cocoa Daisy.
I got to choose a piece of art from the Cocoa Daisy gallery. I picked a piece from Mette and I made this LO here.
(click to enlarge and read the story if you like)

Here is Mette's beautiful LO that inspired me.

The full blog post is here.
And Mette's beautiful blog is here.

I used this months Cocoa Daisy kit to make my LO. It sold out super fast!!
I took it away with me to design with and fell so in love with it. I created 4 LO's so fast and easily. Always a sign of a fab kit I say.

Better get back to family life....sorting out shouty kids and broken washing machines.
Happy Easter!!!