Sunday, 3 August 2014

Modern Vintage

I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged.
I don't think I've ever done that before. Wow!!
Just about sums up this crazy month.

To start with though I'll share my Cocoa Daisy gallery with you.
Augusts Kit is called ' Modern Vintage and looks like this.

And this is what I made.

I got my art journal out for the first time in a long time. It was the fern stamps in the main kit that made me do it.
And a card.
I still have lots of plans with the remainders of my lovely kit.
So July. I would like to say ''where did July go''? Like it was all over in a flash which is why I never got around to scrap. But actually it's been a very long drawn out month. A month that I'm happy to see the back of.
We did have some good moments.
Hollie turned 15.
Hollie had work experience for a week and despite me hating driving, it had me driving 50 miles a day on really horrible country roads : (  But she had a good time, so it was all worth it.  
Hollie got a 'Designers' award at a school presentation evening.
Both kids got achievement awards on their last day of school.
School finished on the 23rd and we went in to Windsor for a really nice evening.
We also went down to the coast that week too for a few hours.
So we did do some nice things.
I also had my local crop and hosted the Cocoa Daisy online crop.
Busy Busy.
And then there has been all the work stress lately. I really hate school summer holidays.
It should be the best time, but it's just a nightmare for me every year. It's such a hectic time of year for me with work. I just find myself waking up feeling sick every morning, I get such a tight chest and a sense of panic and not coping. My work load gets more and more, the kids get harder and more demanding as they get older. Wanting to be taken places, wanting money to go out, coming in to my studio, can I do this, can I do that?????? I work early mornings, grab as much time during the day as I can and carry on until 10-11pm and in between, do 3 meals, clean the house, do the washing.... oh the joys : )
And then we had an incident with Hollie which looks like she is grounded for the duration of the summer.
And then last week we had a sudden death in the family.
So life has pretty a roller coaster this month. Lots of ups and downs.
I think August is going to be pretty much the same.
We are all feeling shocked and very sad right now. My life is a little on hold in case I need to go and be with family. We will have the funeral soon and then my Dad visits from the States for his yearly visit on the 15th. I will have my sister, her hubby, their 3 kids and my brother stay and our Dad of course. And I will still be working on top of all this.  
At least I can't say life is dull : )
I do hope July has been good for you.
Lots of love and wishing you a happy August xxxxx