Friday, 26 June 2009

Skinny Pigs

My Colorcombos LO for the week is finished.
Ta daaaaaaaaa

My cute little skinny pigs....aren't they just the cutest??!!

The colours this week are aqua, bright pink, pale pink and coconut.
I've gone abit sassafras happens to me every now and then : )
Here's yesterdays 365 card....1 stamp and 1 sentiment. I used my new unity stamps again.
Have a great weekend x

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fun & Games

I properly broke into my new Scarletlime kit yesterday afternoon.
Hollie was at a friend's for tea....Louis sat on my desk (yes, literally on my desk) and played Club Penguin and I scrapped near him. Was rather chilling : )

I decided to scrap some more of his Sports Day photos from Monday. I used the colours from Colorcombos. I got the gesso out again...I love this stuff : ) plastered it on used a number rolly stamp thing to imprint munbers all over and then let is dry outside.

As you can see from the way Louis answered my question....he's really into Sports Day.

Todays 365 goes like this:

Day 116 - Keep It to Yourself: Wedding Card
I like these challenges, because I think they require us to think about what exactly we are putting on our cards. The message should be clear without an actual sentiment, although it will still count if you put the sentiment on the inside of the card.

This is what I've come up with.

Have a good day xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Whoops !!

Well yesterday was Louis's last sportsday at Infants. It feels like we've been at that Infant school forever. Hollie started there 6 years ago and the year she left Louis started. Will be quite sad to say good-bye next month.
This was him awaiting his last race.

It's a OLW challenge ...the ONE LITTLE WORD being 'Good'.
I won't go into too much detail with what happened in the race or how well he did....lets just say me calling his name so I could get a better shot and then distracting him so he didn't hear the start whistle hasn't gone down too well : (
I've used quite a few bits from this months Cocoa Daisy kit.
And now for a card...I'm trying so hard to keep on top of them and not have to buy one.
So here is todays 365 challenge...paper piecing and what better paper to piece together than Sassafras...doesn't get much better for me : )

I've used a frosted plasma card to make the card blank.
Fancied something abit different.
Hope you like these. My head is bursting with so many more ideas....but need to put the pretty things away for a little while now xx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sticks, Monsters and Birdies

Peace and quiet for 5 mins..... Louis is at a party and Hollie is outside with a magnum but about to join me for scrappin, so will make this quick.

Today I made this for a Cocoa Daisy weekly challenge. This challenge is to journal and add in stickers.

Which is what I have done here.
The photo is part of the common near our house where we often walk. I love this first pond we come to. I love how it changes all different times of the year.

I painted over some Basic Grey chipboard that I wasn't over fussed with. But have left parts still showing through. I really like his effect.

Here's a card I made for the party Louis is at now. The sketch is today 365 challenge.

And this LO is a daily prompt from Cocoa Daisy....any shape LO except for the stand square type. This die cut came with this months Scrapagogo.

I really can't believe she is almost 10. Where have the years gone and I don't feel old enough to have a 10 year old.
Right madame is back and already cutting into my scarletlime kit. We are making 'birdie banners'.

First Love


I've taken part in the Butterfly Crafts challenge for the first time. It was all about celebrity/teenage crushes.
I just had to get down on paper my young love for George Michael. He really was my first love. I adored him. I even kissed him on the front of my annual at bedtime. Everyone knew how much I loved him. Even the dinner ladies would cut pictures and articles out of newspapers and magazines for me : ) It actually scares me to realise how young I was though when I first took notice of him. Younger than what Hollie is now!!

(click on the photo if you want to read the journaling)
I hate that photo, but didn't have another of that age. My Mum used to dress me and my sis the same....fine if you are twins....I'm 5 bloody years older!!!!!! I showed this to Hollie to make her appreciate me more : ) I'm a very nice Mummy and like her to dress nice and have a say in what she wears, not that she's bothered, she quite likes jeans. Oh....and don't get me started on the hair cut. On that note I shall say bye bye and TFL xx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Brand, Spanking New

I got up early to creat this morning. I don't know why though, I'm shattered. Didn't go to bed until after midnight again, Ade was up feeling rough in the night which woke me, then Louis came in several times from 5am onwards....nice.

So here is what I created this morning. Another of the 365 cards. It's 'LOVE' themed today. So I've made this for a friend's 15th wedding anniversary.

And I finished this LO that I started last night using the brand spanking new Cocoa Daisy kit.
I love it when I dive straight into a kit. Nothing more satisfying than cutting into new papers : )
It's a prompt from Cocoa Daisy this week to make a double LO.
I haven't done one of these for years, so I've created this for my on going Easter project.

Our first fishing trip.

The new Scarletlime kit has just arrived and is sitting very patiently on my desk waiting to be opened : ) The box feels very heavy.........must be the additional project kit that I happended to buy too....goodie goodie !!!

Have a scrappy weekend xx

Friday, 19 June 2009

Twice in one day and....

4 cards in one week....

What's going on ??????

2 weeks ago I was actually buying cards. To create a card had seriously become a chore rather than something I longed to do.
Here's card number 4 that I made today. I popped over to the lovely Audrey Tan for some inspiration....queen of cards I may add. Then I clicked on this link 365 cards. Audrey takes part in alot of these, so thought I'd give one a bash seeing as I needed to make FIL a card.
It's all about 'brights and stripes' today.

My new scrapagogo kit came in rather handy with that cosmo cricket paper. Stamped up a couple of images, opened up the new promarker pens that landed through my door today and finished off with a touch of fairy dust : )
Definately brights and stripes xx

Very Cocoa Daisy

I've been over at Cocoa Daisy alot this week.
I've taken part in quite alot of the prompts and challenges. I've just been in that scrappy mood again.
I'm really pleased with the LO below. The photo was taken back in 1996. I just loved Sanfrancisco and it still remains one of , if not the best place I've been to so far.
The challenge was from the weekend summer crop on Cocoa Daisy. The challenge was to lift one of the design teams styles. I went with Ronda's style. I adore Ronda's creations. She is so inspirational. Take a nose at her blog at see what I mean.
So here's what I created with Ronda's style in mind.

Next up is the cocoa daisy weekly challenge.
I don't usually get around to joining in with these but this one instantly grabbed me. Funny though as it's so not my style at all. The challenge is to create a grid.

The journaling reads....

I've been driving past this opening in the trees for th past 11 years. Today we stopped to see what was beyond the gate. Loaded with the kid's scooters we found this little wilderness.
If you are surprised by the lack of paint on this one, fear not....the mini brads have been painted orange : )
My Cocoa Daisy kit arrived not long ago, off to stroke it for a while xx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Cyber Crop Time again.....

The Cocoa Daisy cyber crop was so much fun last night. 4 hours was quite good actually but went by so quickly.

I did a class...see below. But had to seriously improvise. I had no masks or sprays, so found an old stencil thing that came free with a card mag yonks ago (see, knew it would come in handy one day) and stabbed paint through the gaps.
Quite pleased with it.

Some embroidery has been done too and I randomly added some stickles clear glitter.
The journaling reads:
my deer, SWEET, Hollie. You light up any room you walk into with your smile, your energy and your fun personality. You really are the apple of my eye.

Here's a 30min card challenge I took part many layers as poss.

And here's the 50min LO we needed to create using a grid.
I went super blank to start with, but splahed down sone paint and I was away : )
Even ended up sewing around the edge too.
It was a really fun evening and I won a prize at the end too.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Who's the Kid????

I've woken up so early.
I went to bed early as I'd been fighting a headache all afternoon and knew this would happen.
But I had bad dreams so I'm happy to be up enjoying the peace and quite and about to start scrapping. Shall go and make latte first though : )

I made this one yesterday. I just adore the swiss dots cards.....and so does my paint : )

The husge flower was in my Scarletlime kit. I took it to bits though and added the blue button.
This was a sketch from Sue at Cocoa Daisy.
I love these photos. During halfterm we met my Sister in Oxford and took the Kids to the Museum of Natural History. We love it there. It's so kid friendly and kids are encouraged to touch stuff. There's dinosaur skeletons and loads to see.
We were lazing about in the sun before we went in. There's big dino footprints on the lawn infront of the museum, the boys love sitting in them as they are so big.....but suddenly this broke out. Nice to see Ade being a kid too for a change.....he's far too grown up at times.
I'm off to scrap again. xx

Saturday, 13 June 2009

More LO's from me xx

Finally finished this one. Started it a while ago, I used a Bubblyfunk kit. But just couldn't finish it. I knew what I wanted to journal but wasn't sure how. Cocoa Daisy have a recent prompt to print journaling in white. I haven't tried this before and love the end result : )

Another Cocoa Dasiy Prompt....Use White Space.....yup, lots of white space on this one.
And then I used the Colorcombos colours of the week. I missed a few combos during my recent dry period. But this combo really fits with the May Scarletlime kit which was full of Primary Colours. The colourcombo is, red, yellow and dark blue.

I took these photos of Hollie cartwheeling in legoland on the 1st June. If there's a space then she cartwheels. Thank the Lord that leggins are cool to wear under dresses right now, that's all I have to say!!!!
Have a good weekend xx

Fancy coming to a party?????

Cocoa Daisy are having their first Summer Party tomorrow (Sunday 14th June).
If the Spring Crop is anything to go by it's going to be a blast.
It's 5-9pm UK time.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bitten by the bug...

The Scrap bug that is.
Now I've started again, I can't stop : )

There was a recent prompt on Cocoa Daisy to use the same photo but make changes. So here I've added red and then changed to sepia.
This was Hollie's beautiful Christmas Christening back in 1999.

Using the May Cocoa Daisy kit.

And.... It's little Nanny's birthday on Monday, so I made this for her today.

Abit of hand stitching : )
Right.... Adi and are having an 'us' night.....just us with kebabs and BB....We know how to have a good time : )
Off to walk Poppydog first. Have a fabby weekend xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Some scrappy time....not much of that going on round here lately : (
Just work work and work...but won't go on about it as it's boring.....but have just booked a very exciting holiday for February : ) It's all hush hush though as we aren't telling the kids until Christmas day.

Anyway, scrapping. A daily prompt from my fave hang-out place at the mo...cocoa daisy.
The challenge was to make a handmade flower. One reason why I chose this photo was that under the flower is a big head of an 'unknown'....kinda ruined the piccie : )

As I haven't scrapped for a while I have been struggling with the ol' popped over to Scarletlime for some inspiration. I hadn't used any of last months kit either. So to give me the push I scraplifted 'Janna Wilsons' LO.
Here's a card I made my fabby friend Fiona on Sunday, It was her birthday : )

Good use of last months Cocoa Daisy kit. I followed Sue's card recipe.
Oh dear...It's raining again : ( I hope it eases off before the school run at 3pm.
See you soon xx