Saturday, 31 August 2013

OLW - #74 'Want'

What does the word 'Want' mean to you?
If you had to create a LO using this would, what would you make?

This is something I love about the OLW challenges. (one little word)
They get you thinking.

Here is my LO.

'I want to remember this moment'.
Sometimes in life you have those moments where you could quite happily freeze time.
This was one of them.
We were on our way to London, the 4 of us.
Sat on the train, chatting and giggling.
Looking forward to going to see Phantom of the Opera.
Hollie and I shared her headphones to listen to her music on her ipod.
It was fun and care free.
I love moments like this.

I used mostly my Cocoa Daisy kit for this page.
The Echo Park Stickers which influenced the colour combo.
The arrow stamps are part of a set in this months Main Kit. I used some Jenni Bowlin paint on them.
The kit goes on sale tomorrow.

I was really excited a short while ago.
I received an email from Ronda from OLW to say that I made the Design Team : )
Like I said before I love that challenge blog and can't wait to join them.
The team is just full of talent, so I feel really honoured.
If you would like to play along with this word and check out the OLW site, visit here.
It's really cool!

X Factor starts again tonight.
I'm not fussed, but my darling Ade, the big gay he is LOVES it.
So off to fix some udon noodles ready to settle down to some cringy Saturday night tv.

Love xxx

Friday, 30 August 2013

Louis' Leavers Mini Book

My little Louis starts 'Big School' next week.
It doesn't seem possible.

I made Hollie a book when she left Junior School, so I had to make Louis one too.
Here is the one I made Hollie back in 2010.

I used my August Cocoa Daisy Kit to make this.
It's his 4 years whilst at Junior School.

I love this photo of Ade teaching him how to tie his tie back in 2009.
Hollie was still at the school for a year when he started. She was so proud of him : )
I've kept all his awards and certificates.


I've left out all the pages with friends and the class piccies.
It's quite a bumper book.
Today on the Cocoa Daisy blog there will be a whole post about mini books.
Thanks for stopping by today xxx

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Door Knob!

I have such a silly family.

When they come and stay during the 2 weeks each August there is usually a joke that runs throughout the stay. This time it was the 'doorknob' game.
This came from watching Honey Boo Boo. Toilet humour is big in the family, so this was right up their street (notice I say 'their').
Ade, my sister and my brother being the main players.

So using my new September Cocoa Daisy Kit I had to document this.

I printed out the rules of the game on to vellum and then added the Cocoa Daisy papers on top. That journal card was just sooooo perfect : )

The photo was taken on the common near us. In the middle of the disused runway. My poor doorknob in sight. Ade tackled her, knocked her and she put her hand down on a prickly bush : (
I used the main kit for this page along with the washi tape and stickers from the 'day in the life 'kit and the arrow stamps from the main. 
You can see the new September Kit here.
It's a goodun!
It goes on sale to non subbers on the 1st.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

September is Coming

It's almost the end of the month which means Cocoa Daisy Reveal time : )

A couple of weeks ago my kit looked like this. (modelled by my Hollie)

We have been to see Phantom of the Opera, Green Day in London, We've had Dad visit from the States and my sis, her family and my brother stayed with us too, we've had another visit to London, a trip to Chessington, a couple of nights in Swindon and finally I created with this fab kit and turned it in to 3 LO's, a Project Life page and a card. I still have another LO and mini booked planned.
Here are the sneaks. 
It's been a crazy couple of weeks....but boy have I lots of scrapping material now.
We'd love you to join us for the Cocoa Daisy Kit Reveal tonight. 8pm EST.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Does anyone else here struggle to keep up with everything in the summer?
Life just becomes so busy with the kids being off school and all the various activities going on.

We thought it would be fun to show some summer LO's over at Cocoa Daisy this week. A group of us got together and I put a blog post together here.
There are several LO's and a mini book too. Please check it out. There's so much inspiration within that one blog post. I love seeing all the different scrap styles together.

I chose a photo I'd taken of Hollie at the start of the summer break.
She wanted to dye her hair blue, so we compromised and she had some blue flashes put in instead. The idea being that after the 6 weeks they would have faded ready for the start of school again.

I used the '80 Days' kit along with the 'Hong Kong' addon.
I made the striped flag from the Fancy Pants packaging, made a couple of holes in the top and threaded the wired ribbon from the main kit through.
It was really fun to make : )
We took the kids in to London yesterday to see Phantom of the Opera.
I was nervous as to whether they would enjoy it. I wanted them to experience something so different as to what they have seen so far. I used to take Hollie to the theatre quite a lot. She first went when she was 5. We took her to see Lion King in London. She's also been to various local theatres and always enjoyed it. We've taken Louis along too a couple of times. We were lucky one year and got front seats to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Woking. That was so good. But Louis is a fidget and moans a lot. He did so well yesterday though and said he enjoyed it. I did feel sorry for the people around us though. He barely sat still. I had to keep holding his rocking leg still, he kept cuddling me, sliding off his booster seat (which we ditched in the second half) he was hot, he was cold, he suddenly got hayfever????  he felt claustrophobic, was hungry, was name it, he was it. But he did enjoy it and I helped him follow the story. He was surprised that it was actually them singing.
Hollie was just in awe of the whole thing, the place, the music, everything.
I'm glad we did it.
It was fun taking the train in to London too. I don't know why we don't do it more often.
50mins and we were there and 15min walk from the train to the theatre, as easy as that. We got there an hour early so wandered in to Picadilly, did the Trocadero and grabbed kfc.
It was really fun and at 10.40am Hollie is still asleep : ) I must go and wake her.
Here's a selfie we took on the train.
      Now in to complete contrast, next week we are going to see Green Day. The kids first rock concert. How cool. They announced a surprise gig just this week at a really small venue and we were lucky enough to get 4 tickets, can't wait : ) 
I hope you are having a good summer.
It just always seems to go by so fast.
xx hugs xx 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Foodies & a Sketch

Well Hello!!

I have a sketch challenge for you today.
I love Stephanie's sketches.
Are you a fan of sketches too?
If so, come and join us at Cocoa Daisy here.
You have until August 19th to play and you could win $10 to play in store.

Stephanie, Ashley and I all teamed up for this challenge. You can see on the blog here what we all created and the sketch too.

Here's mine using the Cocoa Daisy - 80 Days kit.

I scrapped about our afternoon at Epcot enjoying the Food and Wine Festival. We really did eat our way around. If you aren't familiar with Disney's Epcot at the top of the park around the top of the lake you walk from one country in to another. There is a Food and Wine Festival from Sept-Oct and it's full of little kiosks from all over the world selling little samples of the goodies. It's so much fun.
We had chicken satay in China, steak and sweet potato in South Africa, the most amazing snow cones in Japan, Bratwurst in Germany and snails in France.
I used a mish mash of mostly the main kit here with some of the 'Day in the Life' kit thrown in too.
This kit is so full of bits and pieces. It's all these little bits that make a kit for me.
I had some fun with my hand drawn titles and added a few sequins from the main kit here and there.
I hope you join in with us and play along. We also have a few main kits left if you are feeling the love for this kit too.

Have a lovely day xxx