Sunday, 28 February 2010

We are back.
We got back Thursday and have been busy since. Unpacking, school and yesterday we had a full day out at my Sister's and Mum's.
I thought the kids would be cream crackered what with the whole jetlag thing, but after midnight last night they were still pestering.
We all slept until 10am, so today has felt very short.
Managed to get all the homework done, the kids built a lego city and I've baked bread, rhubarb and mazipan muffins, made a big batch of tomato sauce up for pastas and then made meatballs for supper with the most delish cheesy garlic bread using some of the fresh baguettes I made earlier. There's nothing quite like the small of fresh bread.
The kids joined in too and made little knotted loaves for break time at school.
We've even manged to fit in a family game of jungle buzz on the ps2 after tea. Feels like quite alot has been done in this short day.

Kids are now bathed and in bed....I wonder how long for??? Please no repeat of last night.

Since getting back I've been itching to get back into my scrapping. I had lots of Christmas money to spend in Florida and spent it on scrapy stash and my Cocoa Daisy kit arrived the day we got back.
By the way, my friend Sue recommended this store in Orlando Scrappy Boutique. It's the best scrap store I've ever been in. The lady working there was English and so so helpful.

The first LO I made of our trip for the new album was this one.

I didn't mean for it to be of me, the first one but it was a CD SCRAPLIFT which you can see here
And I wanted to use my new kit and this photo went so well.
Some painting and hand stitching.

5 Things I Loved on holiday were:
Reading by the pool, in the sun, with my book, my cuppa tea, whilst the kids played and laughed.
So relaxing.

The second holiday LO.
This is another Cocoa Daisy inspired LO. A prompt created by Sue, to create sections.
I've got my 4 photos blocked together, with my title being another block, then the block of journaling and then the block of embellishments.

The kids were happy playing in the play area and then decided they wanted to paddle in the kiddie pool. No one else was around, it was bliss. But we were going out in a bit, so we said they could as long as they didn't get to wet. What a thing to say!!!

This kiddie pool wasn't heated, so after lots of screaming and splashing in and out they were drenched, but had loads of fun : )

I made some bunting at the top and stitched again. Really loving all this stitching right now.

I seem to be back on the scrappy roll again. I'll post another LO tomorrow.
Hope you had a good weekend xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day 9 - Magical Day at Magic Kingdom

Finally, Magic Kingdom in the sun.
We didn't get here until after 3pm and had a wonderful time.
We explored Tom Sawyers Island.

Went on an old fashioned Paddle/Steam Boat (like Huckleberry Finn)

Went on the Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster after dark.

During our supper, Hollie went to town at the Dessert Buffet.

The Wishes firework display was beautiful.
And we thoroughly enjoyed our late supper in the Crystal Palace Restaurant with Pooh Bear and friends.

Day 8 - The Tower of Terror

Day 8, We decided to visit Disneys Hollywood Studios. It was so busy, but it was a sunny day and we managed to get a fastpass for the Tower of Terror.

We ended up finishing the day with the parade. Hollie got pulled in and danced with the Disney Girls (much to her horror and embarresment, just so not the done thing when you are 10 and a half) Can you spot her in these 2 pics ( green t-shirt with white sweater round her waist)

We got in a starwars ride, a stunt show, the biggest cupcakes I've ever seen, a play in a huge kiddies play area and the Tower of Terror ride.

Louis was nervous but wanted to go on the Tower of Terror. We went on the ride which drops you 13 floors whilst you are sat in a lift. You zoom back up several times, the doors fly open at the top and suddenly you fall again,.poor child was completely terrorized, swears never to ride in a lift again.

It's now getting on for 1am. We haven't long gotten back from Magic Ki ngdom. We've had the best afternoon.
I'll share tomorrow : )

Lots of love xxx

Friday, 19 February 2010

Day 7 - Islands of Adventure

This was our day at Islands of Adventure. A Universal Park. It was our favourite park last time and a fave again this time too.

Since watching The Grinch at Christmas the kids have been crazy about him. They really love the Dr Suess stories.
They couldn't wait to meet The Grinch, Louis bought this Grinch hat espcially for this meeting and its hardly left his head since.

The Marvel Super Heroes are always a great part of this park. I love it when the sirens start and the music begins ready for their arrival.

Jurassic park is one of our fave places in this park. Unfortunately though the 2 dinosaur rides were closed though. Louis was so upset.
We did enjoy the big play area here though which involved climbling through these netted tunnels. We only lost the kids once!!

Click the little triangle to view the video.
We are all having a great time and enjoying the sunshine xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 6 - We meet the Simpsons

Day 6 - A morning of shopping and then an afternoon at Universal Studios.

The kids were so excited to meet The Simpsons.

We finished the day with the new Simpsons ride. It was amazing, one of our faves so far.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Louis visits Mexico

Hit the triangle to view this video.
This was in Epcot whilst in Mexico. Makes me laugh.

Day 5 was a more relaxing day.
Ihop for a late breakfast (are you jealous J?)
Then we wandered around Downtown Disney all afternoon in and out of Disney shops.
Finished the day off with a lovely swim at the resort .

Universal is planned today xc

Monday, 15 February 2010

Day 4 - Epcot

We had a great day at Epcot . Here is the first and last photo of the day....a very busy day.

Carry on readi ng down and here are some of our fave pics. xx

Day 4 - Epcot

In Italy. It's so nice having Hollie to take photos too.

Ade and Louis in Canada.

Louis fooling around in Norway with a local troll and then messing around in Mexico.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Day 3 - Finally Sunshine

YAY!!!!!! We have sunshine.

We started the day with a shopping trip to Super Target.
Scrapbooking bits, cute shoes, books and a trip to Starbucks.

Despite the temp only being 50f we went to the pool. It was like a bath, so warm and we've all ended up catching the sun abit.

The kids loved having this pool all to ourselves.

And the hot tubs were so cosy.

We've ended up the day with having a really good dinner out. A big buffet full of sillyness and giggles and loads of pudding.

Tomorrow is Epcot.
Happy Valentines xxx

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Come again another day.

We stopped by Magic Kingdom this morning whilst the rain was barable.
The plus side, no queues for anything.
Here we are on the train with a whole carriage to ourselves : )

The kids loved space Mountain.
Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.

Highlight of the day.... seeing big black volchures eating off a huge black warthog/pig dead thing at the side of the road.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 1 at Disney - Meet & Greet

So here we are in Florida.
We arrived to sunshine and awoke to more sunshine this morning but very very cold.
Just above freezing. So pleased I decided to take jeans at the last minute.

So day 1 and Animal Kingdom. We started off on a safari.

Although it was very cold and I ended up buying scarves for the kids, we didn't have to wait for anything. Last time it was 90mins to meet the characters this time we meet them all.

It's not everyday you get smooched by Minnie Mouse.
Louis didn't want to meet Minnie, because she's a girl!!

It's been a great day and did warm up in the end. The kids have been great : )
Early nights though tonight as we've been up since 4.30am.

We've planned magic kingdom for tomorrow but rain is forcast so we will see.

Lots of love xxxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

1 more sleep to go...

And I have butterflies in my tummy. I feel organised and excited but abit nervous too. We left Poppy-Dog at Mum's yesterday and I'm surprised to say I am missing her really badly. I usually complain that she smells and leaves fur on the kids school uniforms, but I'm missing her following me around.

I wanted to do the last Sketchy Thursday challenge before we head off. I loved this sketch as soon as I saw it.
As much as I hate Sponge Bob, Dad loves it. The kids find that so funny.
So here is Dad caught in the act, watching Sponge Bob with all 5 Grand kiddies : )
(I think it's dead cute really)

And today, a quickie.
A cocoa daisy scrap lift challenge.
I rarely scrap Ade's family, I guess most of my stuff is about the kids, so here's one for Ade's album.

I'm still finishing up work before we head off, so that's what I'm about to get back to.

One last post tomorrow before we leave for Gatwick after tea.
Have a good day xx

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another Colorcombo

A quick colorcombo from me as my friend Lynda is on her way round for a coffee

Go check out this weeks challenge:



Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Best Day

We are getting closer and closer to our Florida trip. This time next week we should be in the sky : )
I still keep going back to scrap our Florida trip almost 3 years ago. I can't believe it's been so long.
I've scrapped these 3 photos from our fave day which was at Islands of Adventure. We can't wait to go back. We have the best memories of this place.
I've used this weeks Sketchy Thursday sketch and an old Cocoa Daisy kit. There's something very satisfying about using an older kit.

And here is Hollie at one with nature using the recent sketch on Creative Scrappers.

I see the girl in future years being a greenpeace supporter or something along those lines, saving tigers or something.

TFL xx