Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Poppy - Dog

I can't believe we have a pup !!!
Although having grown up with dogs (and goodness knows how many other pets) and both my parents have dogs, until recently I could never see us with one.
I don't know how we came to talk about it, but it's been something we've been thinking about for a few months now. Having read up loads and chatted to other dog owners we decided a king charles was perfect for our family.
With all the chatting that was as far as it got, so I rang a breeder on Saturday morning, we drove up to Oxford in the evening and bought little poppy-dog home.
She's 12 weeks today and very sweet. Her sweet and calm nature really shone out over the rest and see her chasing after the kids in the garden was a help to choose too.
Anway....so far so good is all I will say. I don't want to tempt fate : )

1 comment:

Nickynoo said...

She looks adorable, Lis - can't wait to meet her!