Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Julie & Dunc's Xmas Card (warning not look!!!)

How well organised am I this year eh????????!!!!
Well, do not be fooled, this is just down to the DCM dare this week, I promise you, no more Christmas cards will be following in the very near future.
This weeks challenge, incase you didn't guess is to make a crimbo card.

To be honest, I was going to skip this weeks challenge, I don't like making these cards even in the correct season, but during a bedtime reading session I got the complete inspiration from my Autumn Leaves 'Freestyle' book and lifted this idea.
It's just perfect for my lovely friend Julie and her hubby Dunc who is in the army. They've got to be one of the nuttiest couples I know.
To top it off, Nicky has a challenge using arrows on Just Bex this week, so this one will fit in nicely now. xx


esther said...

absolutely hilarious- what a fun idea! Very unique, no doubt they will love it!

RAK on my blog if you wanna join in- bring a friend too if you like :)

Hazel said...

What a funky fab card - love it (and it would fit in with the new 'green' challenge on JB)