Saturday, 11 October 2008

The word is 'KEEP'....

Well, it's been a very productive day workwise, so what better way to reward myself than with 45mins of scrap time.
I sorted through this months kits, took everything out of the boxes and placed the remains of each kit into 12x12 plastic zippy bags ready for this months boxes to arrive : )
I was surprised how much of this months Cocoa Dasiy kit is still remaining, so it's been to one side all day, so I could think about my LO whilst I worked.
And this is what I've just produced..... My little Louis with his best friend and cousin Charlie.
It's inspired by this challenge :
The one little word this time is 'KEEP'. Only a small title, but with BIG meaning....these boys are a delight together. They really do make this world a sweeter place to be : ) xx

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Nickynoo said...

REALLY loving this one, but then you know these are my colours! What a cute photo, I love that our 6 year olds think they are so macho, but they're still happy to hold hands with their mates! :D