Tuesday, 4 May 2010

3 Day Weekends are the Best

We should have more of them. I love that feeling on a Sunday that there's still another day home tomorrow. Not that I ever go anywhere else other than home, but I like it best when we are all home together with no plans.
It's definitely been a chilled one.
We popped to Sainsburys yesterday morning and then had a lovely lunch when we got home of hot rotisserie chicken, salads and fresh bread (and wine)
I baked pineapple and strawberry muffins and then peanutbutter/choccie chip cookies. We then watched a film in the afternoon.
So chilled!

I fotgot to show this one from last week. Another Cocoa Daisy challenge.
Christine gave us this sketch.

And I scrapped about the prank I pulled on Dad recently.

He loves pranks, so we had fun with this one.

Lots of work for me to catch up on today. Louis is starting Street Dance after school today and Hollie is walking to MIL, so I get an extra 1hr20mins today. Sounds lovely, but I did feel sad when Louis ran into the playground this morning and it feels so odd not collecting Hollie. It's the first time. Three times now she's walked ahead of me to MIL. Louis always gets let out late, so it gives her a slight bit of freedom and MIL just lives 5 mins from school and most of the walk is within the school grounds. She only has a tiny road to cross to get to MIL's house. It's a good compromise with her now wanting some freedom.

Have a lovely day and hope you get time for some srappiness in your day xx


Claire said...

Hehe, that's funny! Great LO :)

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Love the layout... fab papers and colours
Caroline x