Monday, 10 May 2010

Cushions, Muffins and a LO

Another week.
I've got off to a good start.
I did the hoovering after the kids went to bed last night and packed up the lunches.
Ade cleaned the bathrooms yesterday and I had a good tidy.
Up at 5am today to start work and mopped all downstairs on way out to school.
Did the weeks groceries before heading home and made a pasta sauce ready for tea tonight and the best best muffins. All cleared away and done by 10am. Very proud of myself. I'll tell you about the muffins in a bit.

Here's a LO I did at the weekend.
I've always wondered how Louis gets a grubby mark on that one side of his mouth. Seeing this photo, I then realised how. Grubby thing thing!

It's actually larger than a 12x12. I've based it onto greyboard and will put it on the wall on my studio. Just a bit too bulky for an album this one.

I also managed to give my cushions a mini face lift whilst watching Dr Who on Saturday (I can never sit still and just do nothing). I bought these last year. 3 of them. So I've taken off all the tassles and added buttons.
We are finally nearly finished doing our room and en-suite. Everything is white with tiny touches of deep red/orange and turquoise, just like these buttons.
It's looking rather nice now. I'm working on some canvases too to go on the wall.

Back to the muffins. I'm so so happy with how these have turned out.
It's a recipe that I've adapted using cream cheese in the mixture and folding in fresh raspberries and white chocolate at the last minute. I've used the mega muffin cases I bought in Florida. The biggest cases I've ever seen.
The are totally LUSH!! Muffin Heaven. I feel a second LO coming on now for my recipe album.

Hollie is Starting her SATS today. I said I would bake something scrummy everyday for her. Yesterday we did butterscotch cookies.

Better get working now : )
Lots of love xxx


Nickynoo said...

Louis does make me smile!! Love love love your cushions, so pretty xx

Sue said...

LOL love how we need pictures to work out what the kids do!!

Great story

have to say the raspberry and white choc muffins sounds delicious can't wait for the page to get the recipe

Kazzy said...

Wow, you have been busy! The LO is fab and the cushion is lush! All this talk of baking is making me hungry, which is not good since I'm trying to diet!!

Anne said...

Hello super woman who puts us all normal creatures to shame. By 10 o'clock I have managed to shout ten million times to my kids to get ready and that's about it !I love the cushion and the muffins look scrumpsious ( spelling ?!) !
See you soon

AnnaB said...

Oooo the muffins are looking sooo yummy! :) I love the layout and your cushin is fab...!

Deb said...

Love the LO and the cushions are fab.
A very talented lady!

yyam said...

Love your layout - it would look great as a display piece!

Love your cushion - so pretty!

P/s: I love it when I wake up bright and early and get a lot done before noon!

karenw said...

I think I need some of those cushions, gorgeous!!

Still getting used to the new Dr here, only up to the second part of the blink angels, Meaghan won't watch as she thinks they are the scariest thing ever...

Audrey Yeager said...

Those pillows are darling and I want to go make some muffins now (with ice cream)!!!