Monday, 24 May 2010

Meet Maggie

I have nothing crafty to post today, but we have had an exciting weekend.

We realised Saturday morning that we had magpies nesting in our bay tree.
Our neighbour then later told us that a baby had fallen out and was in their garden.
They decided not to intervene, but sadly despite keep flying by the parents never fed it and by dark it was dead on their patio : (

Then Mum came over for a birthday bbq yesterday,we were all sat chatting and lots of rustling started going on in the bay. We expected to see another baby on the ground, but instead the baby was inside the tree sitting at the top of the trunk.
We read up on the rspb site and once we realised that the parents weren't going to feed the baby we decided to try and feed her. It did say on the site that birds do have a poor sense of smell and can not detect humans if the babies have been handled. This was something that worried us before if we decided to feed her. We didn't want her completely abandoned by the parents.
Here's ade going in with a wooden skewer with food for her.

We last went out to her at 11pm last night. She'd moved onto a thin branch and looked so uncomfortable. She was trying to sleep but kept rocking forward and waking herself up.
We were very surprised this morning that she was still there.
She did fall out of the tree this morning, but has happily taken a variety of food now. She's so sweet little maggie. We are worried about the cats and foxes getting her so we've popped her back up in the tree now that we aren't in the garden with her. I'm going out every hour or so with the big tweezers to feed her.

Last night I decided to given rag curling a go on Hollie's hair. She's dressing up as Victoria from Twilight on Friday for a school 'dress as a book charachter'day.
I've followed my friend Sue's help and this was Hollie last night.

They came out really this morning,but she was in abit of a girlie mood this morning. So this is the best photo I got.

Then she went the rest of the way to school ahead of me. Apparently it's my job in life, to embarress her.

They look cute together in their uniforms : )

Here's a little video of maggie we took this morning.


Nickynoo said...

Maggie is so sweet! Good on you for giving her a chance. And tell Hollie she looks adorable in her rags!! xx

Pink Blossom Creations said...

Awww cute Maggie...
Love the rags in Hollie's hair the are fab
Great photos Lisa
Caroline x

Sue said...

awhhhh I do hope she makes it she is lovely

Next time Hollie has her hair done tell her Sue would like a front view too!!!!

Traceyr said...

Kids hey? Sorry to say I still have probs with mine and they are 18 and 14 :( heyho the trials of being a mum!

Hope that Maggie the Magpie is still doing well?