Friday, 5 October 2018

Looking Forward...What's been going on???

Hi!! It's been a while.
We had a super busy Summer. With almost 4 weeks away on a fun US Roadtrip.
Then my Dad visited from the US a couple of weeks after we got back and we had all the family stay.
Then Louis started A Levels the day after Dad left and then Hollie moved to Uni just a couple of weeks after that. And on top of that I'm running a business and working super long crazy hours....and breath  : )

So that's what's been happening around here.

If you don't subscribe to my YouTube channel, it's here.

I've been adding our Roadtrip vlogs. I loved editing these so much. It makes me so happy that I've captured all these adventures. I add a new video every Saturday morning.

And I've also just started adding the videos from my Dad's trip too.
These videos I will prewarn you are a little crazy. My brother and sister are so funny. It's like having a comedy double act around you all the time....if you find that kind of thing funny of course!!

I've also been doing a lot of organising and motivational type videos and obviously all the crafty creative ones too. I enjoy these so much.

 My Kit Club, Lollipop Box Club is super busy.
My latest unboxing video for this month's kit has just gone up today, so you can see what that's all about here if you fancy.

So that's what we've been up to.
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you've been up to.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa x