Friday, 5 March 2010

TFI Friday !!!!!

My Rodeo LO. Do you likey?

This was such a fun thing we did on holiday. One of the most surprising but fun things. I've made another page to go alongside this one with lots of mini pics and journaling.
My colocombo comes from Colorcombos latest challenge. Which are Khaki, whitey/cream, red and black. Perfect for this subject.

I included our tickets from the event too.

And most of my stash has come from the recent Cocoa Daisy kit.
mmmmmmmmm is all I can say.

And then last night I made this.
Ade and I were feeling really tired. I'd had a very broken nights sleep the night before. Lots of waking and Louis was up twice too.
I attended an Indian dance class session with Louis at school (please don't ask.....all in the name of a mother and how much she loves her child!!) so we got home late and we all felt shattered.
We had dinner and all 4 of us vegged on the sofas and played our fave family game Jungle Buzz on the PS2.
We decided we'd have an early night and watch TV in bed for a while.
Instead Ade sat with my pc in my studio and I scrapped. I do love it when we do that, It's so relaxing. I'm happy scrapping at one desk whilst he's online on the other. We chat, listen to music, it's great. But I have no idea where the time goes. This room seems to swallow it up.
Anyway, this is what I made. And we didn't realise the time until 10pm.

Not fantastic, no real techniques, but bright and fun. And I felt incredibly relaxed whilst scrapping, which makes a lovely change from my usual grab 5 mins here and there scrapping.
I used a sketch from Inspired Blueprints. I often mean to join in with theirs, but don't always get around to it.
The kids loved this table of Mr Potato heads in Downtown Disney. Could have easily left them there, gone shopping, had lunch and come back to them still playing. Obviously we didn't though, not really the done thing!

I'm really looking foprward to tomorrow.
Steph is picking me up at 8am and we are going to scrap at Sue's for the day. I can't wait. We only managed to get together twice last year. Sadly Nicky can't make it as little Max is 5 tomorrow, she will be missed, but she has a lovely day planned.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing scrappy friends xxx


Emma said...

Love that first lo Lisa, and I love the idea of those colours together, might have to give that one a go!

Scrap Revolution said...


loved the Rodeo when we went that LO really captures it well Lis

nearly tomorrow xxx

Nickynoo said...

Glad you enjoyed your scrappy time :o). The CD kit is perfect for your fab Rodeo LO! xx

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Luv it when I see your LO with paint on it... you do such a great job playing with them. The Rodeo LO is fab! Luv all the elements on it.

Claire said...

Oh wow, I love them both but that Rodeo LO is completely awesome!

Fabi Ormerod said...

wow...both are lovely but rodeo one is really amazing, dear. loved!!! XXX