Saturday, 24 April 2010

C.D CROP - Butterflies are Free

I have a scrappy hangover. I scrapped along on Cocoa Daisy and went to bed around 2.30am to be up again at 7am. I am so tired and really do feel hungover today.
I may have to have a snooze before this evening.

The first challenge was launched at 8pm last night, to scrap a LO with Butterflies, but nothing to do with Spring.

I scrapped about Hollie. How I'd always wanted to have a daughter and convinced myself she was going to be a boy as I never thought I'b be so lucky to have a girl.

I've used last months cocoa daisy kit.

I do feel very lucky to have her : )

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

I convinced myself Lily was going to be a boy, think it was a self defence mechanism so if she really was a boy I wouldn't be disappointed, I so wanted a girl too!