Saturday, 17 April 2010

Discover .....

This week I discovered a new challenge blog thanks to my bestest scrap buddy Nicky Noo. Thanks Nicky xxx

It's the color room. I think I like it so much as it reminds me of the colorcombo challenges that I've loved doing for so long now, but sadly don't seem to be anymore : (

So, this morning when I was blog hopping, I saw on Ronda's blog that a new challenge has been launched with these beautiful colours. I knew instantly which photo I wanted to scrap, so got to it this afternoon.
If you check out the blog you'll be so inspired by the very talented design team.

And here's my LO....Discover...
I love this photo so much that Ade took one evening whilst we were away.
Click photo to enlarge.

I think this is one of my faves I've done in a long time.
I've used the majority from my new Studio Calico kit this week with some extra bits. Those primas I bought in Orlando recently.

And the shell buttons were actually a belt I had on a skirt.
I painted up the swirl and sprinkled on some shimmer sand for texture.

Now another discovery...Shimelle is having a scrapbook party this weekend : )
I love Shimelle and just adore her creations. The party is definitely worth checking out, I've really enjoyed peeking in and out all day whilst I've been working.
I've just done this quick scraplift.
Here are the LO's that were on offer to lift, believe it or not I lifted the last one. I know it looks nothing like it, it did in my head originally and then took on a life of it's own. But I have to admit, I do like it when that happens.

My story to this one is that I show my love through cooking and baking. If I love you lots then I simply put more effort in. ( I do apologise if you've ever visited me and just received toast!!)
Here's the proof....I try and keep everyone happy, so on this occasion last month, Ade wanted shepards pie and the kids beef cobbler, so with my new pie dish, I made half and half.

To me, that simply says LOVE.

I'm off back to Shimelle's.
And I have to add...I have butterflies about this weeks Dr Who is less than 1 1/2 hrs : )



Nickynoo said...

I totally love your Discover LO, the string of shells and the flowers look so beautiful! Gorgeous photo too, well done Ade :o)
Oh, and you do realise I'm going to closely examine what I get to eat next time I come to stay, don't you?? *wink* Such a lovely sentiment for a LO xx

Emma said...

That first lo is beautiful Lisa, love those Primas, can't seem to use those sort of flowers myself! And as for the 2nd lo, great subject - if mine did that though they would get their heads banged together (actually I do sometimes make seperate meals lol)

Not looking forward that much to Dr Who this week, I never seem to enjoy the military or dalek ones so much! Last weeks was great though, loved the smilers and can't wait for the weeping angels one.

By the way - how are you getting on with True Blood? Hope you stuck it out. It had a slow season 1 but this season is fantastic, its my fav thing on telly at the moment.

airing cupboard crafts said...

Wow the beach LO is stunning I love that you have used a belt and the flowers are gorgeous.

The baking LO is fab I show people I care through baking too.

As for this weeks Dr Who It's recording at the moment as I am not allowed to put it on until everyone is in the room lol. I have to say as much as I wept when David Tennant left and said I would never watch it again, this new doctor is fab lol.

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

The colours in the first LO are very you, stunning photo.

Love the journalling on your 2nd LO, grest subject to scrap!

jennifer said...

Hi, just found my way here from shimelle's party! Love your layouts, that photo of the beach is gorgeous and the flowers look perfect on the page, I wouldn't have thought of putting flowers on a beach layout but they totally work!

The second layout is beautiful too, and I totally agree that cooking is one way to really show your love. It's the best thing when someone you care for really enjoys food you've spent ages preparing, makes it all worth it :-)

Steph said...

Stunning LO! I love the belt, it was the first thing that caught my eye!

DR is fab isn't it!

karenw said...

love your discover lo,the colours and textures just stunning - have to check out that site now. was just looking at the colour combos site and coming to the same realisation.

We had the first new dr who here on sunday. i was quite devastated when david t left but think I will take to the new dr quite well, the kids already love him.