Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Urban Loft Love

Today I am sharing my July Cocoa Daisy Love.
I absolutely love this months kit.
Teals, yellow, gray, oodles of Sassafrass.
It's divine!!

My favourite DT page I made is this one. I love this Sassafras paper and love the story that I scrapped. It's just so Louis.
(click to enlarge)

And the very genuine story.

I love it when kids try to be serious and grown up and get it so wrong. Bless him : )

The next one is this story I scrapped about a rubbish day from our Easter holiday.
I made the sunshine from a piece of pp.

When I was making this page, in my mind the yellow was reflecting the bright sunny memories
I had from visiting this place as a child and the gray then is the day that we actually had.

It's funny how you can have memories and then when you go back it's so different.
They always say you should never go back, don't they?!

I've also made a canvas from this kit that is hanging in the hallway. I shall share that tomorrow.

Take a look at the kit in full here and all the temoting addons.

I feel like I'm really struggling right now.
You know when you get that panic feeling in your chest like you are under time pressure. I feel that everyday right now. I have so many deadlines with work right now, my studio is starting to feel really disorganised which really bothers me. My receipt tray is over flowing, paperwork is over flowing and my to-do list is so so long.
I have a long scrappy to-do list, I have Hollie's birthday this Saturday, Louis' sportsday on Friday, so another day off work and various other chores within the house that need doing although I have been keeping up to date with housey stuff. At least the house and garden are tidy.
I don't like this feeling : (
Not sure what to do first.
I still haven't looked at our party photos. I really must do that at some point today.

I guess I better go.
I plan to do some blog catching up today too. I've been really bad at that.
I need more hours in the day.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.
Lots of love xxx


Sue said...

oooo what a lovely load of creating. I am loving your LO's especially the firework one - from the previous post been playing catch-up!! Your sister sounds fantastic

I also love Louis story about your DS - fantastic

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am sorry you are having a rough time right now Lisa... {{{hugs}}}...I loveeeeeeeeeeee both lo's!! I loveeeeeeeeee what Louis said about your surgery and the title is perfect!! LOVING the cloud background too!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that second one also!! I love that you documented that trip, even if it wasn't the best!! LOVING that sun!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

karenw said...

I can't believe I haven't signed up as a follower yet (now rectified). I loved Louis' story, certainly didn't see his question coming but made me laugh!
I hate facing those days where you don't know where to begin (esp if paperwork and phoning people is involved) but you will get through it. Hope it all comes together quickly and the stress lessens.

great lo's as always. xx

Anne said...

Take a break and have a lovely coffee from your lovely coffee machine and make yourself a whole loads of gorgeous cupcakes as only you can do !!XXX

Diana Fisher said...

Sorry about the pace you've had lately. Take deep breaths!

And that 1st layout, the picture, absolutely melts my heart! I would love to capture a moment like that with Nate. Amazing!

NickyNoo said...

Deep breaths my friend, I know you'll get through it all ok, you always do! Your pages are wonderful as ever, Louis' comment still makes me chuckle :D xxx

Mel said...

Cute first layout and story. Love the grey and yellow on the second layout and using paint for the journalling strips - what pen did you use to write on paint?
Hope your stress if easing - I often find things building up and have found swimming and the gym great stress busters!

missquiss said...

The story in that first layout is awesome! I love all your work with this kit!

Lynnda said...

im sorry to hear about your rough time....Com' let me give you some sugar...[[HUGS]]...loving the background and the journal on your 1st LO... Louis is cute... !!! Good thing you scrap it!!!... Great story too on your 2nd LO... Both are beautiful and inspiring... Hope you'd feel much better ... and back on track!... hugs...xoxo

Mitralee said...

Sending you some scrapping strength from the scrappin' community! Hope you power through the stress!!

Paige said...

JOurnaling on paint!!! how amazing does that look!!!!!